If you also realize your dreams?
Dreams that fail too often to the financial possibilities.

lavoro pm-international e fitline integratoriTake advantage of one of the biggest growing markets of the 21st Century. With PM-International you will get financial freedom and personal independence.

If you are seeking for an additional income that’s perfect way to pursue. It will lead you to a new live style so called "professional existence".


A secure future-oriented family Companies.
Business of the Future!
PM-International AG receives top rating from one of the world's leading business information service Dun & Bradstreet Equity ratio: 69.7% of total assets 14% of normal trading company stock companies 30%
An innovative company.
Unique, non-comparable products. Own patents.
  • Growing market
  • A secure future-oriented companies
  • Simple business model
  • Performance-related income
  • Assistance and training
  • Risk-free Start
  • Car Program
  • Pension program
  • Travel Incentives


For more information, I invite you to the online business presentation.
(about 45 min.)
lavoro pm-international e fitline integratori


Patented products with noticeable benefits: Wellness & Healt.

lavoro pm-international e fitline integratoriNoi All of us are striving for a life with sustained power into advanced age. We want to look good and appreciate a youthful and natural appearance. PM-International’s products address exactly these basic needs. In doing so, they exhibit immediately recognizable effects and offer lasting benefits.

The basis for such product characteristics is scientific research which has been turned into patented solutions and made available by the very latest technology. In the Nutrient Transport Concept, we have developed a concept which aims at a bioavailability of the nutrients contained in the relevant products which is as optimal as possible. This should get the nutrients to the exact place they take effect, into our billions of cells. Manufacturing according to the strict, pharmaceutical GMP standard guarantees complete purity and so uncompromising levels of quality.

In other words: products from PM-International are based upon proven scientific discoveries.


The concept of FitLine products rests on three pillars: lavoro pm-international e fitline integratori

  1. Cell Energy
  2. Immune system and gut
  3. Regeneration

lavoro pm-international e fitline integratoriPatented products with noticeable benefits.

The FitLine product range is distinguished by a Nutrient Transport Concept (NTC®) for more cell energy, which supplies the body with exactly the right vital elements that contribute to our well-being and good looks.

The immune system heart and circulatory functions are lastingly supported.

There are even immediately noticeable effects, such as an increase of physical strength and concentration, accompanied by visible signs, such as better skin, hair and nails.

This turns FitLine into an essential base of a successful anti-aging strategy.

And as such into a solid base for a successful business that offers convincing arguments and noticeable benefits.

The German Nutrition Society recommends:
lavoro pm-international e fitline integratori

lavoro pm-international e fitline integratoriEat at least 5 - back to 7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day for basic services!


Eat five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables every day?

The tip: FitLine nutrients to compensate for gaps! lavoro pm-international e fitline integratori


The new dimension of anti-aging skin care.

lavoro pm-international e fitline integratoriOur skin tells more about our physical well-being than most of us are aware of. It is a visible aspect of our personality, documents the aging process and reveals the consequences of our lifestyle. With the Laurent Cristanel Paris product range, PM-International offers a line of premium skin care products with unique characteristics, representing a totally new dimension in the field of anti-aging skin care. Selected natural ingredients take care of highest possible dermatological compatibility. Gentle manufacturing processes guarantee maximum purity and highest quality level. The innovative and patented nutrition transport system NTC® with its innovative microSolve technology transports nutrients into never before reached depths of the skin.

All this makes Laurent Cristanel Paris a unique skin care series which turns customers into convinced permanent customers.



FitLine & Sport
High performance in sports through targeted nutritional

lavoro pm-international e fitline integratoriThe nutritional supplements used in professional sports to increase fitness and endurance must be the right choice for any health-conscious person as well. We have voluntarily subjected ourselves as a company to have the FitLine products regularly tested for doping relevant anabol-androgenic steroids: see www.koelnerliste.com

Many top athletes and top German teams use the FitLine Nutritional Supplement series and PM-International is the official supplier of the sports associations BDR (Association of German Cyclists), DEB (German Ice Hockey Association), DSV (German Skiing Association), ÖSV (Austrian Skiing Association), BTV (Bavarian Tennis Association) and DNV (German Nordic Walking Association) as well as numerous national teams at home and abroad.

The secret of professional athletes
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